Admissions Policies

Montessori at the Old Schoolhouse admits students of any race, religion, sex, color, creed, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally made available to students in the school. Enrollment preferences are given to siblings of past or present enrollees, as well as students from other Montessori schools. Classrooms are multi-age and we always attempt to balance each class with respect to age and gender.

The Admissions Process

There are five steps to our admission process:

  1. Initial Visit — Your first visit will ideally be when the children are not in class. This allows the teachers time to show you, the parents, around and answer any questions. Call or email us to set up a time. (While it’s not necessary for your child to attend this visit, a one-on-one student-teacher interview may be incorporated into this visit if you wish — see below.)
  2. Observation (optional) — We then encourage prospective parents to observe a class while it’s in session. We ask that you reserve any questions or comments you might have until after the students have left for the day, during another set-up appointment, or over the phone after school hours so as not to interrupt the work of the class.
  3. Application – Interested families should submit a completed application form (either the Toddler Application for students aged 18 months to 3 years old, or the Primary Application for students who will be at least 3 years old by September) along with a non-refundable $50.00 processing fee as promptly as possible. The application fee may be paid in cash or by check (made out to “Montessori at the Old Schoolhouse”). To get an application form, you may either print out the online Toddler Application or Primary Application, call or email us with your application request (specify Toddler or Primary) along with your address and we’ll mail you a hard-copy, or call to let us know you’d like to come by to pick one up. Completed applications may be mailed back to us or dropped off at the school along with the fee before, during or after your Initial Visit.
  4. Student Interview — This is a scheduled interview to allow the child to work one-on-one with the teacher for an informal assessment. (You may make this a part of your initial visit if you like — just let us know.)
  5. Enrollment — Admission decisions are made by March for the following school year (or later if space is still available). Once a child is accepted it will be necessary to complete the Enrollment Contract and health forms as soon as possible (these are made available to you once your child has been accepted). Placement is confirmed by the return of the signed Enrollment Contract and health forms accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of $275.00 that is applied to June’s tuition. No student is considered enrolled until these are all received.


Please contact the school directly or refer to the Admission Application Forms (accessible in the righthand sidebar) for up-to-date information regarding yearly preschool and summer camp tuition.